Most frequently asked questions and their answers

There are a variety of reasons why volleyball is gaining popularity nowadays but mostly because there are more and more people playing the game. Also, it is being televised more and more tournaments globally are gaining media attention that is why suddenly, there is a huge interest in this sport.

Absolutely not. Just like in any other sports, there are some risks that some should be prepared about. But it is not dangerous per se. also, we have all the trainings that will prepare them in actual games so they wont suffer from injuries or any accidents that can be prevented.

It is a very competitive sport. There are now many great teams that train hard in order to win tournaments. Also, there is an increasing number of volleyball clubs that have great players and amazing coaches. So winning a tournament is a huge deal nowadays as it is not as easy like before.

The first thing is to sign up in our website so we can get your details. Then, we will have to do some physical assessment so we know what we should work on your daughter. And then if she passed, she will have to undergo a preparation for the actual training.

You will need to pay for a membership fee as well as some of the equipment that your daughter will personally use. The fee will cover the coach already and the use of space for trainings. However, it is your responsibility to cover for food and supplement of your daughter while in training.

Yes, it is very possible to get scholarships after school especially if your daughter shows a great potential. Also, we are in contact with some of recruiters and we tell them the stats of our players. So if your daughter is serious, it will not be difficult to be noticed by recruiters.