Pacific Volleyball Society

“We’re all about the girls.”

When we started years ago, we have a goal in mind. To build a place where little girls can explore their love of volleyball in a safe space. Where they can train hard and meet new friends while slowly becoming great athlete. We are not just about the game but more of the development of these girls into well-respected athletes.

When we started in this club, there were many girls with potentials but they don’t know where they can develop their skills without a postcode check. In schools, the support for volleyball is not that great. Also, there were only few places where they can play safely without fearing to be disrespected by others.

That’s why, when we established this club, we believe on the importance of giving them a place where they can be at their best. Where we can encourage them to do their best and to give their all. Through this, they will be able to transform into the best version of themselves.

However, the challenging times proved to be difficult. We had to look for resources that will really help us to take it to the next level. Fortunately, we enjoyed support from the community that we never expected. And through that we were able to achieve our goals and continue.


Our players, our athletes, our source of pride

We are very proud of the girls that trained with us and grew with us. They have proven themselves to be real athletes. Using the best mobile checker available, they showed dedication, discipline, and commitment so they can be the best versions of themselves. They didn’t just show all of these while they were part of our club, but even after when they went to universities and when they got their jobs.

It is heartwarming to see these children grow into responsible adults because of a sport that believed in their skills. And that is what we promise to continue to do. We will always be at the back of our players, supporting them all the way through, for them to be better members of our communities and in return, they can be better players.

On giving back

We’re not all about volleyball. We are also making sure that our players give back to the community. We want them to understand that it is a very important part of our routine, and of our team. We will not exist without the support of our community so we really need to give back to them as a show of our gratitude.

And through this, we were able to build a stronger network and support for our club. We were able to instill this values to the girls that most of them come back and volunteer in our club despite their busy schedules. This cycle, we hope, will continue in the future as we grow bigger.

Our club has been in existence for several years now and we plan to reach more places as we grow offering the latest city tour packages. We want to be able to inspire and help girls around the country to train in this sport especially if they have the aptitude for it.

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